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A wonderful year in reflection

Happy holidays to all! I just wanted to thank everyone that came out to a show this year, bought the new EP, and or sent their best wishes via social media. This has been a busy and beautiful year of work, travel, and music. I traveled back to NE Kansas last Fall and this past Spring to play music in Manhattan, Kansas. Eric Kleiner and The Press is bringing in some fantastic artists to MHK. Auntie Mae’s Parlor is always there to offer basement-speakeasy brilliance. This summer I sojourned to England playing gigs in London, Wales, and the Devon shire. This offered me the opportunity to visit and play some music with Kevin Stenson, Mike West, Katie West, and Aeron Pughe. In the Southwest of England, I was hosted by my friend Oliver Smith. Over the summer, I performed throughout Kentucky, surrounded by and getting to play with friends Heather Branham, Owen Reynolds, Stephen Couch, Curtis Wilson, Chet Sergener and others. In October, I played an inaugural music festival outside San Diego for The Robin’s Nest in Romona, CA. Hosted by Kimber and Sue Williams, I met many wonderful musicians and artists in the area and was interviewed by San Diego photographer John Hancock for Americana Highways, which can be found here. I’ve documented this busy year on my social media links (Facebook and Instagram). Plus, you can find links to my Youtube page with music and videos there. For the past year and a half, I’ve been gigging around Chicago with my brother in arms, Dave Mendez who is a longtime Chicago guitar player. Come on out and catch us around town!

Musically, in addition to the gigs, I released my newest EP “Broken Picture Wheel” last November. It was recorded at Earthtone Analog Studios and produced by Chet Sergener. While visiting Wales this summer, I recorded two songs at The 9th Ward Picking Parlor, which were produced by Mike West. Those songs are forthcoming and were co-written with Mike Fields, a long-time friend and drummer. Currently, Heather is working on her first record at Earthtone Analog Studios, which is also being produced by Chet Sergener. So, new material is coming soon and I am looking forward to releasing this work sometime in 2024. While I’m mentioning the musical front, I must send out props to some close musical comrades who also released new works. Owen Reynolds recently released his long-awaited Dr. Depressington’s Little Empathy Engines project, a beautifully stylized and masterfully constructed world within the song kind of record. Also, Tyrone Cotton just released his record Man Like Me, which is nothing short of a brilliant hug for your soul.

In closing, I hope that you all had a productive and, most importantly, an arts-filled year. I’m currently booking gigs for 2024 and hope to see you all somewhere soon! While its always a joy to get to travel, whether its for work as an academic or a traveling story-telling songwriter, it’s my sincere pleasure and honor to get to share time with new and old friends. Have a wonderful rest of your 2023 and cheers to an incoming year! Let’s hope that humanity leans into the arts and storytelling next year even more than ever before.


Eddy Green